We fund and support Mvumi Secondary School in central Tanzania

  • Letter from Lord Rose, Trustee

    Letter from Lord Rose, Trustee

    Dear Mvumi Supporter,

    Mvumi School Trust is seeking to raise at least £20,000 to enable DCT Mvumi Secondary School to build a new science laboratory suite. Can you help, please?

    The past few years have witnessed some considerable changes at DCT Mvumi Secondary School. The school is now headed, as you know, by a Tanzanian, Francis Malugu; it has expanded numerically to over 640 pupils; it has produced some excellent academic results making it one of the strongest schools in the Dodoma region and beyond; the unit for visually impaired students has been bedded in and has started to produce some excellent academic results; and the school has increased its focus on the teaching of Science in the Sixth Form which is a priority for the Tanzanian economy, and the surest route to state funded loans for higher education. The Trust continues to ensure that its priorities are met in providing an excellent education for poor students and visually impaired students by supporting the engagement of expatriate volunteers with strong educational credentials to work at the school to assist in achieving the Charity’s objectives.

    An immediate need is to support the School’s aim to raise the standard of Science education by building a new laboratory suite at a cost of £80,000. Tanzanian children lack the rudiments of a proper science education, learning from textbooks rather than experimentation. The school has begun the construction of this new suite, and the Trust has committed to supporting this initiative by offering £20,000 towards its completion. We would like to ensure that this does not lead to any reduction in the income we earn to fund bursaries and scholarships and are hence we are asking our existing supporters to contribute to the funding of this initiative. As is obvious any contribution goes considerably further in Tanzania than in the UK, and we can guarantee that the money raised will go in its entirety to this project. Our hope is that we will increase the number of top students from Mvumi who go on to higher education in Tanzanian universities and then work in Tanzania.

    Please send your donations to me, Lord Rose, Mvumi School Trust, PO Box 4806 Farnham Common, Slough, SL1 0DR or by bank transfer to Mvumi School Trust, account 30346101, Sort Code 20-97-09 or via Donate on our web site Mvumischooltrust.org.uk. Reference -Science Lab. Appeal. Please indicate whether your donation is gift aided.

    Thank you very much.

    Yours sincerely

    Stuart Rose

  • National Examination Results. Congratulations!

    National Examination Results. Congratulations!

    Very Good National Exams Results for Students supported by Mvumi School Trust

    DCT Mvumi Secondary School’s results in the National Form 4 Examinations in 2015 were the best ever. They were placed sixth overall in the region. 13.6 % Division I; 30.4% Division II, so 44% Division I and II.

    Set against this the following analysis is confined to those whose education at DCTMSS was supported through the Mvumi School Trust; this includes those students in the ICAP Resource Unit for visually impaired, and also staff children and two private candidates. Additionally, we have separated out the performance of students in receipt of Rose Scholarships and Trust Bursaries (sponsored students).

    Particularly pleasing was the top score of 12, placing Rose Scholar, Michael Kojesa, joint top in school.

    Other successes of note include the splendid performance of our visually impaired student, Erick Mlsani, who jointly shared 3rd in school, scoring 14, in Division I. His superb result was closely followed, sharing joint 6th in school, by three bursary students: Grace Mathayo, Sarah Masudo and Charles Mazeku. Also in Division I were Richard Elia (Bursary student) and Yusuph Samamba (Rose Scholar). The Trust is delighted that Grace and Sarah were jointly the school’s top performing girls in these examinations; well done!

    DCT MST students also performed well in Division II. With an average score of 20.3, were eight Bursary students and four Rose Scholars.

    Overall the average score for our bursary and scholarship students was 20.1, the equivalent of Division II.

    Visually Impaired students generally did well, something celebrated by Headmaster, Francis Malugu and Ernest Mbilu, the Head of the Resource Unit for the Visually impaired and other members of the Common Room, although one did not gain a pass. Of the boys and girls in last year’s cohort their results were: one Division I; two Division IIIs, two Division IVs and one Division 0. Thanks go to all their teachers for their support, especially their three teachers in the VI unit.

  • Mvumi welcomes Alison and Hugh

    Mvumi welcomes Alison and Hugh

    Alison and Hugh Morrison are welcomed to DCT Mvumi Secondary School by Headteacher, Francis Malugu.

    Alison and Hugh are the newly appointed Representatives of Mvumi School Trust.

    Dr Alison who prefers to be known by her business name, Alison Leonard, has a doctorate in education gained from educational research work in Tanzania. She has taught at a number of independent schools in the UK (Tonbridge, City of London School, Croydon High School, St Paul's and latterly Westminster)and while in Tanzania she is on leave of absence from her appointment as Senior Lecturer at Canterbury Christchurch University in England, a university which specialise in training teachers.

    Hugh who South African born is also a teacher. His skills in include joinery, teaching the subject media including making videos and also teaching budgeting.

  • Brian and Aleen Medcalf say farewell to Mvumi

    Brian and Aleen Medcalf say farewell to Mvumi

    After a very successful two year posting to Mvumi  as the Mvumi School Trust's representatives in Tanzania, Brian and Aleen  Medcalf returned to Great Britain in December 2015. As well as having been the Trust Representative, Brian was the Bursar or Business Manager of the School.  Aleen had the very important job of  Sponsorship Co-Ordinator of the Trust's sponsorship programme. This programmme  supports the education  of over  135 scholarship and bursary students. Of these students thirty are either totally blind or visually impaired.  During their time at Mvumi DCT the School went througha period of rapid expansion from 546 students to 695. The School also became more self sufficent. It used its own resources to add more classrooms to provide additional  accomodation. The Trust  financed the lease of hostel accommodation in Mvumi Mission village  for  day students who had been in various lodgings  scattered throughout Mvumi.

    The photograph shows Brian and Aleen with colleagues following a farewell breakfast attended by staff and senior  students at the School.


  • Connecting Classrooms

    Connecting Classrooms

    In September 2015 Baraka Mwiyoha and Stanley Challo of DCT Mvumi Secondary School Teaching Staff visited  Great Britain as part of the British Council's Connecting Classrooms project. They met the chidren and teaching staff of Queen Elizabeth's High School Gainsborough,Eton College and the Learning Alliance Academy Trust's Lynch Hill schools in Slough.

    A pupil  link has  been established betwen DCT Mvumi Secondary School and QueenElizabeth's High School.

      While at Eton College Baraka and Stanley met four of  our Trustees  and made a presentation to the Sixth Form Assembly.They later  met  members of the boys' Africa Society.

    The following day the Executive Head Teacher of the Learning Alliance Academy Trust,Gillian Coffey OBE, led a discussion on conducting performance apparaisal in schools.

    On the final day Baraka and Stanley were able to visit St Georges Chapel Windsor in Windsor Castle.

  • Ordination and Consecration of Right Revd Dr Dickson Chilongani as Bishop of Central Tanganyika

    Ordination and Consecration of Right Revd Dr Dickson Chilongani as Bishop of Central Tanganyika

    The Rt Revd Dr Dickson Chilongani was consecrated  and enthroned as the 6th Bishop of Central Tanganyika at a service held in Dodoma at the Cathedral of Holy Spirit on November 23 2014.

    The Diocese of Central Tanganyika covers Dodoma urban and rural, with a population of more than 1.2 million people. The number of Anglicans in the diocese is about 600,000, with 258 parishes and 58 sub-parishes.The bishop's seat in the Diocese fell vacant after the former bishop, the Rt Revd Godfrey Mdimi Mhogolo died early this year.

    Following the traditional protocol at the appointment of a new bishop the governing body of  DCT Mvumi Secondary School dissolved itself  and a new body will now be elected.

  • The Voices of Mvumi Students

    A new initiative by Mvumi's visiting Cambridge graduates  is to  establish of a school magazine run by the students.  We are pleased to report the publication of The Voices.

    We feel it showcases the talent, humour and creativity of so many of the students here, and we hope you find it  a great addition to the Trust’s website.

    The project has proven to be a fantastic way of helping to improve the English of many of the students involved, and we are hoping to produce a monthly publication.  The aim in the next few months is to fully hand it over to students and staff so that we can act as English ‘advisors’ only.

  • Form Four Graduation 25 October 2014

    Form Four Graduation 25 October 2014

    Form Four graduation ceremony consists of a thanksgiving service, drama and singing followed by awards. In the picture  Guest of Honour, former School Governor, Mr Kiputiputi, is seen presenting Marian James with her leaving certificate and an award. Marian is one of the visually impaired students who have received an integrated education with sighted student at DCT Mvumi Secondary School. The special needs teachers of the ICAP Resource Unit for the visually impaired play an important part in preparing blind and visually impaired students for the National Exams.

     The graduation ceremony takes place before the Form Four National Exams which start on Monday 3rd November. Form Four students will received their results in February 2015. Eligible students will be invited to enter Form Five for the A Level Course in July 2015.

  • The Chinese Ambassador visits the School's ICAP Resource Unit for blind and visually impaired students.

    The Chinese Ambassador visits the School's ICAP Resource Unit for blind and visually impaired students.

    Following on the visit of President of Tanzania to DCT Mvumi Secondary School, The Chinese Ambassador to Tanzania was shown round the  ICAP Resource Centre for the blind and visually impaired. Here he is being addressed by Ernest Mbilu who is the Head of the Department.

  • Jed and Hannah join Mvumi

    Jed and Hannah join Mvumi

    Two Cambridge University graduates ,Hannah Wildsmith and Jed Pietersen have joined the staff at Mvumi for a year.

    After graduating from Magdalene College, Cambridge with a degree in English and a few months travelling around Asia, Hannah moved to London and worked for The Prince's Trust in the Fundraising department, eventually specialising in Events Fundraising. At the same time, she volunteered as a Progression Mentor, working with vulnerable young people who needed support in finding employment and volunteering on the Team programme. And to attempt to fill the void of studying literature, she established a book club which covered a plethora of modern novels in a pub with Penguin Classic wallpaper. But after 3 years the pull of teaching and the itch to travel again became too great, so she was delighted to seize the chance to combine her passions for volunteering, literature and travel in teaching at Mvumi, helping young people to gain a valuable education.

    For the past 3 years, Jed has enjoyed both travelling around Africa and teaching, and therefore the choice to come to Mvumi was a natural one.  After graduating from King's College, Cambridge with a degree in History, Jed went on to take up a post at the Trinity School, Croydon, where alongside his curricular role as a teacher of History and Government and Politics, he helped design the school's programme for developing new teachers whilst also being a pastoral tutor to 2nd Form boys, the co-ordinator of both the school's mentoring programme and its first cross-curricular student society and a rugby and football coach.  Whilst travelling widely around Africa, he has worked with students in Kenya, Tanzania, Swaziland and South Africa, and is looking forward to working with both students and teachers.

  • The President of Tanzania visits DCT Mvumi Secondary School

    The President of Tanzania visits DCT Mvumi Secondary School

    President Kikwete paid an informal visit to DCT Mvumi Secondary School on Saturday 30th August 2014.The occasion was the opening of a new water tower in Mvumi. The large presidential party was at the School for an hour.The President addressed the staff and students.This Presidential visit set in train a follow up visit from the Prime Minister and the Chinese Ambassador. Particular interest was shown in the School's ICAP Resource Unit for the 20 visually impaired students .Student numbers have increased to over six hundred and fifty students.


  • DCT Mvumi’s Form IV (2013) students have been breaking records!

    DCT Mvumi’s Form IV (2013) students have been breaking records!

    98% of candidates in Form IV passed the National CSEE exam, approximately 10% achieving Division 1 and 35% gaining Division 2.  DCT Mvumi Secondary School will offer places in Form V to all successful candidates. Some may wish to switch to state schools.

    Even at a time when there are almost half as many A-level places nationally as there are hopeful students, these students were all sure to be offered places at government schools should they wish. 49% of candidates gaining Division 3. 36 students also did well enough to be offered government places.

    The school was ranked 135/3260 nationally, and came within the top 10 schools for every subject, regionally. These are excellent results, and the government recognised the school’s success by awarding a Certificate – DCT Mvumi is “one of the most improved private schools”.

    Students supported by Mvumi School Trust contributed strongly to these results – 30% of the Form IV were in receipt of either Trust scholarships or bursaries, 5 of these students are blind or visually-impaired. This last group have many obstacles to overcome, not least a biased marking system that precludes them from gaining Division 1 or 2. Despite this, 1 blind student has been awarded a government place, three others passed the CSEE and there was one “failure” only missed the grade by 1 point. Other students supported by the Trust provided the school with 1 Division 1, 8 Division 2s, and 11 Division 3s (all but 4 being offered government places – and these students only missed out by a few points). The Trust will offer funding to all bursary and scholarship students who gained Division 1 or Division 2 passes. Without the help of sponsors, a significant number of these promising young people would be facing a very different future.


  • Mvumi School Trust announces Trustee changes

    George Davies has decided to stand down as a trustee of Mvumi School Trust. George has been an active member of the Trust Board and very generous donor to Mvumi School trust both in a personal capacity and through the George Davies Charitable Trust. Mvumi School Trust wishes to record its grateful thanks for his wonderful support over many years.

    Fiona Davies has very kindly agreed to join the Trustees of the Mvumi School Trust. Fiona is a trustee of the George Davies Charitable Trust which is a charitable partner in many of the Mvumi School Trust’s activities.

    Sarah-Jane Bentley has also very kindly agreed to become a trustee of Mvumi School Trust Sarah-Jane was educated at Llandovery College and Oxford, where she read English. She worked in strategic communications in the Middle East before becoming an English teacher at Eton College. After an initial year at Eton she spent two years at Hillcrest, a British international school in Nairobi (where she was the Head of English), before returning to Eton in 2012. She coaches rowing and assists in a boarding house at Eton.

  • Amazing Mvumi!

    Amazing Mvumi!

    My name is Stella Ivory and I grew up on a dairy farm in Hikuai, on the Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand. I completed my secondary school education at St Peter's School, Cambridge. I was at Mvumi Secondary School for almost 3 months. I plan to study International Development with Social Anthropology and Politics at the University of East Anglia in the UK, where I have been offered a place for September 2014.

    Mvumi has been amazing! Truly a Gap Year experience unlike any other. The teaching is hard work, but I'm really enjoying it and I have learned so much. I have also especially enjoyed getting to know the students and the staff, and Brian and Aleen have been really lovely. Yes, Mikumi was incredible and we saw lions which was especially exciting. We also went to Udzungwa National Park, and we did climb Mount Kilimanjaro, and went to Zanzibar for a few days. Kili was definitely a highlight out of all our travels though. We were the first people up that day, and we saw the sun come up. It was amazing.

  • Bishop Godfrey Mdimi Mhogolo

    Bishop Godfrey  Mdimi  Mhogolo

    Bishop Godfrey  Mdimi Mhogolo died on March 27th 2014 and will be greatly missed at Mvumi and around the world. His funeral in Dodoma was attended by a Mvumi School Trustee, Mr Richard Morris, and the Trust Representative in Tanzania, Mr Brian Medcalf accompanied by Mrs Medcalf.

  • A warm Mvumi welcome

    A warm Mvumi welcome

    A warm Mvumi welcome to Brian and Aleen Medcalf who took over from Ned Kemp in Mvumi in January 2014. Brian is the Mvumi School Trust's Representative in Tanzania and the DCT Mvumi Secondary School's Bursar and Aleen the sponsorship co-ordinator and assist with tuition and other educational matters.

    The Trustees thank Ned for 4 years of successful representation of the Trust's business in Tanzania.

  • Cycle ride for Mvumi

    Cycle ride for Mvumi

    On June 10th 2012 Trustee John Clark cycled to Oxford and back with friends from Eton Wick and Dorney Parishes. This was  as a parish event to celebrate the London 2012 Olympics and a sponsored event to raise money for Mvumi School Trust. A big thank you to John and his companions.

  • Rory and Lewis Sullivan raise over £4,000 for Mvumi

    Rory and Lewis Sullivan raise over £4,000 for Mvumi

    Rory and Lewis Sullivan completed a sponsored cycle journey "In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great" around modern-day Turkey (from the historic site of the Battle of the Granicus to the Battle of the Issus.)

    Rory spent part of his Gap Year this spring at DCT Mvumi Secondary School" as a volunteer . He writes "I had an unforgettable time at Mvumi and so did the other gappies. Ned, (The Trust's representative at Mvumi) was a brilliant host and really helped us to settle quickly. I am missing Mvumi people a lot!"

    The Sullivan brothers fund raising has raised over £4,000 for Mvumi. A Big Thank you from Mvumi!

    Please read the very interesting blog.


  • They are off to a flying start!

    They are off to a flying start!

    Thanks to Julia Bengough and her two graduate volunteers DCT Mvumi Secondary School began a new programme offering an English Language crash course to new entrants to the school.

    Most students entering the school in Form 1 from primary schools in the Mvumi area have a limited command of the English language. This is not surprising since they will either speak the local language, Gogo, or the national language, Kiswahili, in the home and are taught in Kiswahili in their primary school. Some English is taught in primary school but classes are large and the teaching rudimentary. The state requires secondary education in Tanzania to be taught in English so a lack of English can be quite a draw back to progress. In autumn 2011 Mvumi School Trust funded a scheme to provide an intensive English course to 80 successful young student applicants before they started their education at Mvumi Secondary School in Form 1 in January 2012. We welcome Julia's return to Mvumi for this exciting initiative. We would also like to thank John Power and Christopher Redmore volunteering to help Julia with this programme.

  • Roderick climbs Mount Kilimanjaro

    Roderick climbs Mount Kilimanjaro

    Roderick Watson, our Treasurer and a Trustee, visits Mvumi each year. Both he and the School Bursar make sure that Mvumi School Trust’s money is spent wisely and well.

    in June 2011 Roderick stopped off to tackle Mount Kilimanjaro at his own expense before going on to Mvumi.

    Mvumi School Trust needs regular donations to meet its programme. Roderick's climb raised over £4,000 in sponsorship. This money was spent on providing books for "O" Level students and "talking books" for Mvumi's visually impaired students.

  • Cecily climbs Mount Kilimanjaro

    Cecily climbs Mount Kilimanjaro

    Cecily Henderson (pictured) spent her summer at DCT Mvumi Secondary School, but before that she climbed Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for the school.

    Cecily has wide interests in global issues, from the problems surrounding poverty to the issue of climate change.  after completing a degree in Geography at Newcastle University she was accepted to work with the British Schools Exploring Society to research the effects of climate change on the Arctic glaciers in Svalbard (Norway). She also plays tennis, ultimate frisbee and water polo.