We fund and support Mvumi Secondary School in central Tanzania

  • School re-opens

    School re-opens

    The Tanzanian Government ordered all schools to re-open on June 26. The Ministry of Health has given schools health guidelines to follow including washing facilities outside each classroon, library and laboratories. For Mvumi Secondary School this is a large plastic bucket with a tape near the bottom. 

    On the first day back at school the students were given information about COVID-19, including how to keep safe covering hand washing, coughing protocols and the use of  masks.

    The school is working extra hours to catch up on the work missed due to the closure of the school due to COVID-19. The National Examination timetable has been changed, and pushed further back to allow time for staff and students to cover the syllabus.

  • COVID19 school closure

    COVID19 school closure

    On March 18th the Tanzanian Government closed all primary and secondary schools in Tanzania, as its first step in fighting the Covid19 virus. The following day the Government closed Tertiary institutions also. The initial closure was for one month, the closure has now been extended until further notice.

    The picture shows the hand-washing set up before the closure. The soap solution is in the bottle, and a hole has been added to the lid to enabe the soap to come out. All taps around the school had soap stations added to them.

  • Information Centre in the Library

    Information Centre in the Library

    Help from a number of organisations has allowed the school to make a start at establishing an information centre in the library. This will include a network of laptops. The network’s purpose is to let students access teachers’ subject notes and other material through an elearning environment. Thanks to Francis Holland School in London, St Peter’s School in Cambridge New Zealand, and the Trust who are all generously supporting this initiative.

  • Form 4 National Exam Results 2019

    Form 4 National Exam Results 2019

    In the National Exams Mvumi Secondary School eleven students gained Division I grades of which five were sponsored students. 

    Congratulations go to Alpha, Adam, David, Fanuel, and Michael.

  • Form 2 National Exam 2019

    Form 2 National Exam 2019

    Eighteen Form 2 sponsored students attained a Division I pass in their National Examinations at the end of 2019. This included two out of the four Visually Impaired students. Congratulations to Angel, Mahewa, Mariam, Adonia, Amani, Caizer, Cosmas, Edwin, Emmanual, Isack , Jackson, John, Joshua, Kelvin, Lazaro, Majuto, Omega, and Sehewa

  • Success after leaving school

    Success after leaving school

    After Godfrey graduated from Form 6 he spent some months with the Territorial Forces. Here he proudly holds his certificate of service. He proved to be a very good recruit and the Armed Forces have asked him to join permanently, which he has been delighted to do. He went down to Dar es Salaam in November for further training.

  • Form 4 Graduation 2019

    Form 4 Graduation 2019

    The Trust sponsored 19 students in Form 4 this year. It is good to see them performing well and being at the top of their subject classes. Congratulations to Alpha, Michael, Adam, Joseph, Ekilia, Mathayo, Nicolaus, and Fanuel who received prizes at graduation.
    Four visually impaired students complete Form 4 this year. Ekilia and Nicholas are in the photos at the far right as they approach the podium to receive their certificates.

  • Volunteer form New Zealand

    Volunteer form New Zealand

    Francis Holland School for Girls in London has kindly donated a number of laptops for students at Mvumi Secondary School to use. Francis Holland has been steadily sending the laptops to the Trust so that they can be set up. Here Rachel is installing the linux operating system and libre-office software. She also connected them to the wifi network and tested their access to the school’s e-learning system. The laptops will be used in the library.  Rachel is a voluneer from New Zealand who came to help the school for four weeks.

  • New Form 5 Students 2019

    New Form 5 Students 2019

    July is the A-Level students’ first term. New Form 5 students enter the school to commence their A-Level studies. Here are the new Form 5 sponsored students. This year we have two Visually Impaired students who gained entry to F5. All these students  got good grades in their O-Levels. We welcome Emmanuel, Frank, Grace, Meshack and Noel.

  • Form 6 National Results

    Form 6 National Results

    National Final Examinations are held in May each year. Results are published in late June or early July. Following similar patterns to previous years sponsored students have done well. Of the nine sponsored students four gained top rated Division I, three gained Division II, and two gained Division III. There were no Division IV, nor any zeroes (fails). One of the Division I’s was gained by a student from the Visual Impairment unit. This means that all Form 6 sponsored students are eligible to enter University at the start of the Tertiary academic year. Those students with top grades are likely to be accepted into their first choice of university. Congratulations go to the Division I students, Kelvin, Elizabeth, Salma, and Andrew.