We fund and support Mvumi Secondary School in central Tanzania

  • Shedrack Nghuku

    Shedrack Nghuku

    Supporters of the Trust may know Shedrack from the Trust's video. Having lost contact with his parents, worked as a goat herder, depended upon his primary school headmaster for accomodation he was awarded sponsorship to attend Mvumi Secondary School. He enjoyed success at the school, being elected Head Boy and earning a top grade in his final Form 6 examinations.

    He was awarded a place at Mzumbi University, Morogoro, to study Accounting, and successfully graduated this year.

    Shedrack is only one of many sponsored students who have gone on to enjoy success after leaving Mvumi.

  • Diocesan 90th Celebration

    Diocesan 90th Celebration

    On November 5th 2017 the Diocese of Central Tanganyika celebrated its 90th anniversary. The event was held in Dodoma's football stadium and involved several thousand participants. The event was attended by Richard Morris, (Headmaster 1996 - 2006); Roderick Watson and John Clark (representing the Trust);  David and Jane Whyte (the current Trust Representatives) and Brian and Aleen Medcalf (Trust Representatives 2014 - 2015). It was a joyous and lengthy celebration lasting 6 hours!

  • Connecting Classrooms

    Connecting Classrooms

    At the end of February 2017, Joram Kulwa, deputy head, and Ernest Mbilu, head of the Visually Impaired Unit, visited the UK as part of the British Council's Connecting Classrooms scheme. The visited Shrewsbury School, New College Worcester, The Royal National College for the Blind, Hereford, Eton College, Westminster School, and Christ Church University Canterbury and spent a week at Queen Elizabeth High School, Gainsborough. The Trust were very grateful to Brian and Aleen Medcalf who organised the visit and provided most of the transportation.

    In October Pete Russell, the Deputy Principal of Queen Elizabeth High School visited Mvumi with Kate Medcalf, a biology teacher, and two students (Matthew and Cerys). They stayed in the Trust guest house. They visited classrooms, watched debates, and created resources for the Visually Impaired unit. The Connecting Classrooms Tanzanian counterparts organised a very successful training day at Mvumi Secondary School involving over 100 participants from schools in the region. A programme on the event was broadcast on Tanzanian television.


  • Jane and David Whyte, Trust Representatives

    Jane and David Whyte, Trust Representatives

    David and Jane Whyte commenced their term as Trust Representatives in April 2017.

    Jane was Director of e-learning, and Head of ICT at St Peter’s School, Cambridge, New Zealand.  She taught Years 11, 12, and 13 Computer Science (equivalent of IGCSE and A level). She provided professional development in the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning to staff.

    St Peter’s School was where Richard Morris, was Principal before becoming Headmaster at DCT Mvumi Secondary School.

    David was Head of Computing at St John’s College, Hamilton, New Zealand before moving to Learning Works, part of Waikato Institute of Technology, where he was involved in the production of e-learning materials for a range of businesses.

    David and Jane have 5 children and 14 grandchildren. 

  • Alison and Hugh farewell

    Alison and Hugh farewell

    Dr Alison Leonard and Mr Hugh Morrison left Mvumi after 15 months of successfully representing the Trust at Mvumi Secondary School. The were held in high regard by staff and students, who were sorry to see them leave. The Board farewelled them at a function at the Dodoma Hotel.