We fund and support Mvumi Secondary School in central Tanzania

  • Success Story 2021

    Success Story 2021

    Eric graduated from Form 6 last year. He worked hard to improve his marks through his A-Level years and gained good grades in his National Finals.

    His grades were good enough for him to be offered further assistance by the UK charity Just1Life for his university studies starting in late 2020.

    The laptop Eric requires for his studies was funded by Just1Life. Here Eric is very pleased to setting out on the new phase of his life. We wish him every future success.

  • Debating


    At 4pm on Mondays each Form level meets for a debate for about 90 minutes. A team of boys debate a team of girls on an issue that has been set at the start of the day. Teams research the topic and prepare their arguments. The purpose of debating is to improve the spoken English of the students, and to give the audience opportunity to listen to English. The students are creative in their arguments. The attached picture shows the new Form 1 students participating in their first debate at school. The topic was Education is better than money

  • New Form 5 2020

    New Form 5 2020

    The academic year for A-Level students started in July. The Trust is pleased to welcome the following sponsored students to DCT Mvumi Secondary School for the next two years: Reuben, Japhet, David, Michael, Adam, Sehewa, Fanuel, and Joseph.

    The red tie shows that the wearer is the head boy, the other ties designate other prefects.

  • Form 4 Graduation 2020

    Form 4 Graduation 2020

    Congratulations to all our Form 4 sponsored students for graduating in 2020. Students have worked hard to complete their four years of O-Level education. 

    Form 4 students will sit their National Final Exams in November and December 2020, after their graduation. These exams were later than usual due to the school closure earlier in the year due to COVID 19. We all wish them every success. 

  • Trust Supervisor

    Trust Supervisor

    Joy Lusinde

    Joy is the Headmaster’s Secretary. With the Headmaster’s agreement she has taken on the extra role of Trust Supervisor for the immediate future. She has the responsibility to ensure that the function of the Trust continues, and offers a wealth of experience and wisdom to the task.
    Joy is Ambassador Lusindes’ niece. She was educated in Dodoma and has held a number of work positions including accountancy and administration. She spent over ten years in such a role with ICROSS in Tanzania.
    She has been the headmaster’s secretary for more than five years. The Trust is fortunate to have Joy in this role.

  • Trust Helper

    Trust Helper

    Dickson Martin

    The Trust has appointed Dickson as the Trust Helper, doing the day-to-day work of the Trust at Mvumi. Dickson is a former sponsored student. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (BSc Chem) from the University of Dodoma (UDOM) in 2019. He is among the first group of graduates supported in University by Just1Life in Tanzania.
    Dickson completed his secondary education (Ordinary and Advanced level) in the Science combination at Mvumi Secondary School from 2010 to 2016.

    David and Jane continue as Trust Representatives working remotely from New Zealand

  • School re-opens

    School re-opens

    The Tanzanian Government ordered all schools to re-open on June 26. The Ministry of Health has given schools health guidelines to follow including washing facilities outside each classroon, library and laboratories. For Mvumi Secondary School this is a large plastic bucket with a tape near the bottom. 

    On the first day back at school the students were given information about COVID-19, including how to keep safe covering hand washing, coughing protocols and the use of  masks.

    The school is working extra hours to catch up on the work missed due to the closure of the school due to COVID-19. The National Examination timetable has been changed, and pushed further back to allow time for staff and students to cover the syllabus.

  • COVID19 school closure

    COVID19 school closure

    On March 18th the Tanzanian Government closed all primary and secondary schools in Tanzania, as its first step in fighting the Covid19 virus. The following day the Government closed Tertiary institutions also. The initial closure was for one month, the closure has now been extended until further notice.

    The picture shows the hand-washing set up before the closure. The soap solution is in the bottle, and a hole has been added to the lid to enabe the soap to come out. All taps around the school had soap stations added to them.

  • Information Centre in the Library

    Information Centre in the Library

    Help from a number of organisations has allowed the school to make a start at establishing an information centre in the library. This will include a network of laptops. The network’s purpose is to let students access teachers’ subject notes and other material through an elearning environment. Thanks to Francis Holland School in London, St Peter’s School in Cambridge New Zealand, and the Trust who are all generously supporting this initiative.