We fund and support Mvumi Secondary School in central Tanzania

  • Success after leaving school

    Success after leaving school

    After Godfrey graduated from Form 6 he spent some months with the Territorial Forces. Here he proudly holds his certificate of service. He proved to be a very good recruit and the Armed Forces have asked him to join permanently, which he has been delighted to do. He went down to Dar es Salaam in November for further training.

  • Form 4 Graduation 2019

    Form 4 Graduation 2019

    The Trust sponsored 19 students in Form 4 this year. It is good to see them performing well and being at the top of their subject classes. Congratulations to Alpha, Michael, Adam, Joseph, Ekilia, Mathayo, Nicolaus, and Fanuel who received prizes at graduation.
    Four visually impaired students complete Form 4 this year. Ekilia and Nicholas are in the photos at the far right as they approach the podium to receive their certificates.

  • Volunteer form New Zealand

    Volunteer form New Zealand

    Francis Holland School for Girls in London has kindly donated a number of laptops for students at Mvumi Secondary School to use. Francis Holland has been steadily sending the laptops to the Trust so that they can be set up. Here Rachel is installing the linux operating system and libre-office software. She also connected them to the wifi network and tested their access to the school’s e-learning system. The laptops will be used in the library.  Rachel is a voluneer from New Zealand who came to help the school for four weeks.

  • New Form 5 Students 2019

    New Form 5 Students 2019

    July is the A-Level students’ first term. New Form 5 students enter the school to commence their A-Level studies. Here are the new Form 5 sponsored students. This year we have two Visually Impaired students who gained entry to F5. All these students  got good grades in their O-Levels. We welcome Emmanuel, Frank, Grace, Meshack and Noel.

  • Form 6 National Results

    Form 6 National Results

    National Final Examinations are held in May each year. Results are published in late June or early July. Following similar patterns to previous years sponsored students have done well. Of the nine sponsored students four gained top rated Division I, three gained Division II, and two gained Division III. There were no Division IV, nor any zeroes (fails). One of the Division I’s was gained by a student from the Visual Impairment unit. This means that all Form 6 sponsored students are eligible to enter University at the start of the Tertiary academic year. Those students with top grades are likely to be accepted into their first choice of university. Congratulations go to the Division I students, Kelvin, Elizabeth, Salma, and Andrew.

  • 25th Anniversary Celebrations Part 1

    25th Anniversary Celebrations Part 1

    The 25th celebrations started with a Thanksgiving Service, in the school dining hall, led by the Rt. Rev. Dr. Dickson Chilongani, with songs from the Visually Impaired Choir and the School Church Choir.

    Next there were a variety of speeches from the past Headmasters (Mr Lubeleje, Mr Morris and Mr Clark), the present Bishop (Rt. Rev Dr. Chilongani), a representative from the past students (Kelvin Mwita),  the  Guest of Honor - The Speaker of the House (Job Ngui), a member of the School Board (L-Can. Mrs. Evelina Mnyangulu), two Form VI students representing the Graduates (Deborah Lukonge and xxx), and a Student Representative speech (Saul Paul). The local Gogo tribe choir provided entertainment at various times.

    The Form VI students were presented with their certificates, as well as certificates for best in each subject grouping. A prize was awared to the Best Student (from the past and present students) and this went to Erick Maximillian (a former blind sponsored student, currently studying Law in Dar es Salaam).

  • 25th Anniversary Celebrations Part 2

    25th Anniversary Celebrations Part 2

    The school celebrated its Silver Anniversary (25 years) on May 25. Part of these celebrations were exhibitions put on by the students. Students explained to visitors what their exhibitions were about - in English for people from the UK, and in Swahili for people from Tanzania.

    The staff and students did a wonderful job - with exhibitions in threee classrooms representing the Social Sciences focusing on conservation, Commerce focussing on e-commerce, and Visually Impaired Unit  showing resources for assisting the visually impaired students. The Science department had its exhibitions in a science lab, (that had been opened by Lord Rose in 2006) showcasing a variety of topics that the students had been learning about this year.

  • School Baraza

    School Baraza

    Each term the students and teachers meet for a School Baraza. This is a whole school meeting where staff and students communicate important issues to each other. This year the emphasis was on improving academic performance.

    The Senior Management explained the strategies that are being implemented to improve academic performance. The students are then given an opportunity to ask a question regarding any topic that is of concern to them. 

  • Form 4 National Exam Results 2018

    Form 4 National Exam Results 2018

    The Form IV National exam results were released earlier in 2019. The school got a total of 8 Division 1 students, three of these students were sponsored. (Two male Visually Impaired students,and one female student).

    37 students at the school got Division 2, of which 9 students were sponsored.

    Congratulations to Emmanuel, Maria, and Meshack who were our top 3 students, getting Division 1.

  • Optical Fibre Internet

    Optical Fibre Internet

    Towards the end of 2018 it was evident that the satellite internet feed that the school had used for a number of years was no longer meeting the school’s needs. Trust Representative David, an electrical engineer, was asked to research alternative internet provision. He recommended to the headmaster that the school should to use optical fibre internet as supplied by Halotel. Two very generous donations from individuals in Europe enabled the Trust to pay for the roll out of the fibre into the school grounds.

  • Form 2 National Exam 2018

    Form 2 National Exam 2018

    This year sixteen of our nineteen Form 2 sponsored students gained a Division I; and one of the remaining three gained a Division II. These are outstanding grades, and highlight the positive work that the Trust does in giving financially disadvantaged students and opportunity to gain a good secondary education.