We fund and support Mvumi Secondary School in central Tanzania

Sponsoring a student

The central region of Tanzania is an arid area of mainly subsistence farming where many people are deperately poor. All private secondary schools charge fees. Money for school fees will typically come from the sale of any surplus made in the good years. Education is disrupted when the rains fail and there is no surplus.

The people value education as a path out of poverty but it is just not possible for many to find the school fees. We aim to provide free places for one fifth of the students at Mvumi Secondary School. Our sponsorship scheme provides funding for 110 students funded by individuals and schools.

How to sponsor a student

At current exchange rates the cost of sponsoring the education of a day student for a year is £450, for a student in our  lodgings provided in the village £562 and for a boarding student £755. However, with  gift aid it works out less. The cost becomes £30 per month for a day student, £37 per month for a lodger and £50 per month for a boarder.

These sums will cover:

  • school fees and  full board for boarders
  • exam fees, registration fees and graduation fees
  • extra classes in national examination years (Forms 2, 4, 6)
  • one nourishing meal each day for day students

We ask sponsors to commit for four years so that a sponsored student taken on in Form I (typically age 13-14) is, subject to a satisfactory record, guaranteed to be funded until he or she reaches Form IV (age 16-17).

We shall be delighted to receive any size of regular contribution and we shall link that donation to a named student whatever that amount happens to be.

After the first four years

A student’s entry to the Form V depends on passing a national examination. If the student meets the entry requirements for Forms V and VI, the sponsorship co-ordinator may enquire whether the sponsor wishes to continue with the sponsorship. There is no obligation to do so and we can make other arrangements to make sure a good student is not lost to education at senior level.

Communication between sponsor and student

Students write at least one letter every year to their sponsor. Included in this letter is a picture of the student, their academic results and group photos of the year level that they are in. We encourage sponsors to be in some contact if they wish. All correspondence between sponsor and student goes through the Mvumi Represesntative in order to preserve address confidentiality; although encouraged, communication with students is not essential.

If you would like to sponsor a student or would like more information, please send us your details.

email: info@mvumischooltrust.org.uk

Payment options

We prefer sponsors to complete a Standing Order and Gift Aid form. Some sponsors prefer to pay a lump sum up front. Either arrangement is very acceptable. If you do not wish to make such a commitment, we shall be very happy to accept a smaller donation which can be credited to the Hardship Fund to meet emergencies that can arise in a student’s academic career.

Mvumi Secondary School student Mvumi Secondary School student Mvumi Secondary School student Mvumi Secondary School student Mvumi Secondary School student